FocusM teams in Treasure Hunt

Focus Malaysia was invited to participate in the Bank Islam-Bernama Treasure Hunt 2013 which was held at Cameron Highland for two days from 15 to 16 June 2013 (Saturday & Sunday). It was sponsored by Bank Islam for all media organizations in the Klang Valley. There were a total of 160 participants from 40 teams comprising of various media organizations. Three groups were sent to represent Focus Malaysia for this event.

As this was their maiden treasure hunt many of our staff who participated had fun as they journeyed along difficult hurdles but managed to answer all the questions and completed their tasks on time. It was a great exposure for Team Focus Malaysia, as they were given a chance to make known of our brand and publication amongst the media industry. It was an opportunity for them to bond with each other and forged great team spirit. In addition they were given a chance to undertake community service work by contributing food items to the under privileged community on behalf of the company.

Apart from the donation of food and household items such as rice, sugar and washing detergent, our team had also taken part in community service activities such as painting the community hall at the village and planting of trees at the Orang Asli’s village.

These brought cheer and joy to the family and children at the village which was an experience and to be talked about by members of Team Focus Malaysia.

Even though Team Focus Malaysia did not win in the treasure hunt but members of the team bagged almost 70% of the lucky draw prizes. As the saying goes “when there is no pain there is no gain”.

Congratulations! - To our team for going through the agony of 4 hours without food. They were able to foster team effort when going through challenging situations during the event. We are glad that everyone in Team Focus Malaysia completed the hunt safely. We are confident that the team spirit forged and camaraderie shared during the treasure hunting journey will continue to flourish among all members of Focus Malaysia family.